Our Story

“Il Fungo”, the mushroom, was so named because of its reinforced concrete structure that professionals Ing. Colosimo, Arch. Martineli and Ing. Varisco studied and planned in order to achieve a Piezometric Tower with the aim of supplying non-potable water for watering of the EUR gardens. L ‘work was done between 1957 and 1958 just before the 1960 Olympic Games and is still functioning today for the purpose for which it was designed.

The tower became property Eur is located on a green hill surrounded by prized value villas and the Sports Palace designed by Pierluigi Nervi Prof. built in 1957 and completely inserted into the Building Urban Plan. The EUR district (business park) was conceived and designed for L ‘Exposition Universelle of 1942 from’ arch. Piacentini, requested by the Fascist government in ’37 for the Universal Exhibition event of ’42. This work of such great architectural value was noticed by world famous tenor Mario del Monaco in 1961 who wanted to do a big fancy restaurant. The management and the realization of such a structure was entrusted to the Family Rosa who with the help of design Arch. Monardo made it one of the most exclusive restaurants of the 60s and 70s.

At the base of the structure there was a garden bar that welcomed customers, the furniture is the bar of the restaurant located at 14 floor was of great architectural value. The customer is presented a breathtaking well 50 meters high, with Rome protagonist, which made the ‘magical and charming atmosphere to any event, in the 60s and 70s were shot countless filming of famous movies. In 1990 Reggiani family, well-known entrepreneurs in the restaurant business completely restructures the structure is the base with the creation of a pizza bar and both the 14th floor with the famous panoramic restaurant. The architects Di Giuseppe, Lenci and Manzoni in charge of the restoration and renovation works had several different problems, but with skill and perseverance gave an impression of architectural value.

In 2009 there were works of restoration and consolidation with external interventions aimed at safeguarding cement surfaces. The realization of a great need scaffolding to the works caused many image problems, but at the end of the external restoration works “The Mushroom” returned to its former glory. Lately (2013/2014) the interior has been completely restored and renovated by architects Di Giuseppe and Maximum protection under the Ente Eur and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage Capitolina.

After the entry into force of the New Regulatory Plan Building Code in 2008, “The Mushroom” falls in the Charter for the quality between the morphologies of modern urban systems, tissue characterized by the plant volume of buildings and between buildings with type special building to plant serial and not least among the “complexes of considerable architectural interest, urban and environmental” under the protection of the Superintendent Capitolina.

Therefore, “The Mushroom” has entered the law in the historical architectural value, located in one of the most important urban areas of the city and is also safeguarded as of ‘modern architecture stronghold.