New menù: Special Lunch 14° Floor







Special Lunch  €.25,00

choose two courses from our menu included coffee and water


Available for all the table

When ordering specify the choice Special menu

Except on sunday and holidays



Raw Palamite marinated with exotic fruits

Octopus icing with carrots and raspberries

Fried Dumpling burnt wheat with Parma ham  and robiola

Artichoke alla romana, flax seeds and black pepper


Main courses

Fusilloni to pistachio pesto, tuna tartare and bottarga

Linguine with mussels, asparagus and candied lemon

Tortelli stuffed with artichokes, pecorino with cardamom and crispy bacon

Spaghettone Gragnano to 5 tomatoes and basil


Second courses

Sea bass in tomato crust with basil and Friselle

Tuna with almonds and bieta

Galletto mustard, rosemaryand potatoes with extra virgin olive oil

Crispy egg with stracciatella di bufala and hazelnuts


Side orders

Spinach with raisin and pine nuts or with cheese and pepper

Roasted potatoes with rosemary and truffle oil


Roasted radicchio with hazelnuts and balsamic vinegar


Dessert selection

Whipped Ice cream (Cream , hazelnut, pistacchio “Bronte”, coconut stracciatella)

Homemade sorbets (Sorrento lemon, strawberries)

Ball of tiramisu with coffee heart and sablè cocoa

Crunchy peanut, hazelnut English custard and banana ice cream                

Cannoli with ricotta, pistachio and dust of capers

Baba with white chocolate cream and cherries                

The stuffed chocolate Éclair, caramel and passion fruit